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The Whizzinator: Everything You Need To Know

Before investing in anything it’s worth doing minimal research. That’s why you need to read the Whizzinator review. You’ll find honest- opinions and answers to pressing questions, such as ‘does Whizzinator really work?’ and ‘how to use Whizzinator.’

Using this ensures you will pass a drug test, even if you’ve been using pot (marijuana) or any similar substances. It’s even useful having the Whizzinator for probation checks.

There are plenty of other reasons you may need the Whizzinator to pass drug test. In short, if you’ve been using any substance ( such as weed) that your boss would disapprove of, you need a Whizzinator handy.

You should note, there are plenty of suppliers of fake piss, but the best part of a  Whizzinator is that it can be used even if you’re being watched. In addition, it heats the fake pee to ensure it’s at the right temperature.

It’s important to note that the founders of this device were prosecuted for conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia and conspiracy to defraud the government.

The Whizzinator hasn’t changed but it is now marketed as a sex toy.

Whizzinator Instructions


In case you were still wondering, the Whizzinator is a synthetic urine kit. It comes with full Whizzinator instructions and everything you need to successfully use it. That includes:

  •       Refillable vinyl pouch
  •       Four heat pads
  •       Overlay which includes a soundless valve
  •       Synthetic urine sample – only one
  •       Syringe

It is possible to purchase more urine samples as needed. Using the Whizzinator is very simple:

  1.     Open the package and find the pad with an attached sealed sack
  2.     Place the dried urine in the provided syringe with 90ml of distilled or bottled water
  3.     Open the port on the side of the urine sack and screw the syringe into it
  4.     Push the syringe lever and the fake urine will enter the sack
  5.     When the syringe is empty disconnect it and close the lid firmly on the sack
  6.     Now add the heating pad, it should be placed between the sack and the belt
  7.     There is a strip on the heating pad, it goes green when the fake urine is at the right temperature. On average, this takes 45 minutes
  8.     Strap the entire apparatus to your body, it has leg and waist straps
  9.     There is a white clip between the prosthetic and the urine-filled sack, when this is lifted up the urine will flow

The kit comes with four heat pads but you can order more, just as you can order more fake urine.

Where To Buy Whizzinator


The Whizzinator was launched in the early 2000s as a sex toy. It was a safer option for anyone that wanted to indulge in wet play.

If you’re wondering where to buy Whizzinator then the best place is directly from the manufacturer. This will ensure you get the genuine article and not a fake.

There have been reports of issues with fake Whizzinators but there has yet to be an issue reported with the genuine product.

Whether you like to take a little weed, are on a weed detox, or simply want to play safe, heading directly to the Whizzinator site is the best idea.

The genuine article is manufactured in Long Beach, California, in the USA by Alternate Lifestyle Systems (ALS) and they remind you that it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to find a way to pass saliva test or to pass urine drug test, you should comply with all local laws.

The customer service team at Whizzinator can help you between 9 am and 5 pm PST. You can telephone them for advice on their products, the results, and even to find out where your order is.

Pros & Cons Of Whizzinator


It’s important to note the following pros and cons apply to the genuine Whizzinator, not fake copies.

Pros Cons
5 shades of prosthetics to choose from Using a Whizzinator to avoid being detected is illegal in many states
Reusable, although it needs cleansing between uses You’ll need to buy more fake urine after every test
Full instructions but very simple to use
Urine is realistic and perfect for passing lab tests regardless of which drugs they are testing for
One of the most famous ways to beat tests currently available
Can help you avoid losing your job or jail, even for alcohol-related issues

The Whizzinator is the original and the best. It looks realistic and there have been no reported issues regarding the fake piss or leaks. That’s what makes it better than the competition.



How long does it last?


The fake urine is effective as long as it is warm. Heat pads will last approximately a day, meaning you can strap them to your body in the morning and be ready all day.

Does it come with easy-to-follow directions?


The discreet package is delivered to your door with full instructions. There is also a YouTube video you can watch.

Where can I buy one near me?


As mentioned, the best option is to go to the Whizzinator website and buy direct from the manufacturer. It is possible to get it at Walmart or Amazon. However, they are not always easy to locate and you need to make sure you are getting a genuine product.

Does it work for opiates?


Yes. You’re using fake urine which is clear of all illegal or questionable substances.

Customer Reviews


The best way to find out the truth about any product is to look at reviews from people that have actually bought and used the Whizzinator.

Positive Comments


Highly Satisfied Customer of Whizzinator Depot


“I have had a great experience with Whizzinator Depot. The customer service is top notch and they have always been able to answer any questions I have had. The product itself is high-quality and works as advertised. I appreciate the discreet packaging and shipping options they offer. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend Whizzinator Depot to anyone in need of their products.”


Negative Reviews


Here’s an extra from Reddit, highlighting how easy the Whizzinator is to use:


As you can see, sometimes users are not satisfied with their experience


Anyone have experience with the whizzinator?


“I have a pre-employment urine test coming up and I know I can’t pass. I have purchased a whizzinator and have some friends clean pee, but I’m still freaking out. Does anyone have any tips, success or failure stories, or general words of encouragement?

Appreciate it!

Edit: my specific concerns are temp and observation. Any word on that would be awesome.

EDIT2: let me into the bathroom alone. The lady was just bitching about how much working at the place sucked to her coworker and obviously didn’t give a shit about me. She didn’t even make me empty my pockets. Subbed, temp was perfect at 98 (brought in a silent thermometer). It went well. Looks like I passed.”




If you need to pass a drug test then the original Whizzinator can help you. The key is to purchase a genuine product which is why it’s generally best to go to the manufacturer’s website.

In short, it’s worth buying to ensure you never fail a surprise drug test.

However, while the Whizzinator does exactly what it’s supposed to do, to pass a drugs test you need to be mentally as well as physically prepared.

Regardless of what test you have, no one is allowed to stare at you while you take a piss. Providing you set the Whizzinator up properly beforehand, it’s impossible to know you are using it.

But, if you’re not mentally prepared, you’re likely to give yourself away. You can and should trust the Whizzinator to do its job. It will ensure you are mentally ready.

Remember, the Whizzinator is not allowed product for passing drug tests. Make sure you are discreet when using it.