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Does Synthetic Urine Expire – Everything You Should Know

Synthetic urine (also known as fake pee or laboratory urine) is a substitute substance made by scientists. It imitates the chemical and physical features of human pee. Does synthetic urine expire? It mainly depends on the formula used by the manufacturer. As a rule, the composition of synthetic pee mainly consists of water, urea, pH buffers, salts, and minerals, along with color additives to make its appearance similar to that of natural pee, along with a matching smell too. Popular commercial kits, including Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit, offer various options. Let’s explore the factors affecting the shelf life of synthetic pee products in popular commercial kits.

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The Average Expiration Date of Synthetic Urine

Like any man-made product, synthetic urine also has a shelf life. This expiration period mostly relies on the chemical formula and packages of the product. Usually, the shelf life of synthetic pee lasts from 1 to 3 years if you follow the storage recommendations. However, after you open the contents and the urine is exposed to air and sunlight, the synthetic urine’s efficacy can be affected. So, when you open synthetic urine, it will not last for a long time.

Another factor that may influence the shelf life is the heating of the fake urine before the drug test. Can you reheat synthetic urine multiple times? The synthetic pee mixture becomes less stable if you keep heating and cooling it repeatedly. The re-heating process affects how well the mix works, as well as its capacity to imitate real human urine. In most cases, manufacturers recommend using the artificial pee within a few hours after the first heating session. For a more reliable option, consider Powdered Urine Kit.

The urine that naturally comes out of the human body does not last long. After it leaves the body, bacteria start to transform urea into ammonia. Within 20 minutes, the environmental conditions drastically change the human urine’s composition and pH level. On the other hand, any good synthetic urine does not have any living microbes, and it is sterile. This means it will not break down quickly. If you keep it sealed and stored correctly, a synthetic urine kit can last for a long time without any significant changes.

Expiration Date of Synthetic Urine

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last – The Factors Affecting Synthetic Urine Expiration

Chemical Composition

Commercial synthetic urine is usually a mix of organic compounds, salts, and special additives. These substances can degrade or interact with each other. These changes may affect the product’s color, pH level, and specific gravity. In simple terms, the ingredients in fake pee can change as they age.

Storage Conditions

Synthetic urine’s quality greatly depends on how it is stored. You should keep the package in a cool and dark area to prevent the heat or sunlight from spoiling its components, just like with a Urine Simulation Kit. If the air gets inside the fake urine kit, it might cause impurities. Also, if the liquid inside the kit evaporates from the container due to exposure to the air, the fake urine will become more concentrated than a real human pee.

For example, the research in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology (Oxford Academic) proves that the fentanyl contained in most synthetic urine products loses its efficacy if it is stored at different temperature levels.

Brand’s Specifications

Different fake pee manufacturers use different ingredients and methods to create their products. This factor can also influence how long does urine last straight from the package. The quality control and manufacturing processes significantly affect the shelf life of the end product.


In most cases, you need to warm synthetic urine to match the human body’s temperature, often for drug tests. Yet, once heat is applied, using it within a few hours becomes crucial. Frequent heating and cooling sessions deteriorate the chemicals in the mixture and make them less efficient as well as easier to detect during drug tests.

What Brands Consider These Factors?

Some manufacturers take into account these factors during the development of their synthetic urine packages. For example, the commercial fake pee products Quick Fix Plus, Upass or Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit offer a chemical formula that closely resembles real human urine. They come with detailed instructions on what needs to happen during the process, like shaking or stirring, before pouring into a container.

These products typically include pre-mixed liquids, and you just need to heat them before use:

  • Quick Fix Plus: An exceptional example of a top-notch synthetic pee kit. Each package has a batch number and the manufacture date, which you can check with Spectrum Labs to confirm when it will expire. This data is usually put in a green insert or straight on the bottle of a urine sample. Typically, Quick Fix Plus products last 2 years before their expiration.
  • Upass: This trustworthy brand makes reliable synthetic urine kits that successfully pass drug tests. Just like with Quick Fix, it’s better to use this product soon after you open it so that its effectiveness remains high

How to Detect the Expired Synthetic Pee?

When you use synthetic urine for drug testing, it is crucial to have a fresh and usable product. This is how you can detect the signs of expired fake urine.

Color Changes

Normally, new artificial pee has a faint yellowish shade similar to genuine human urine. If the kit’s sample has expired, it becomes darker or appears murky. The expired product may have strange colors, such as green or brownish tinges, especially on the liquid’s surface. A visual comparison with a real human urine sample can be a clear indicator.

Smell Change

Synthetic urine has a similar odor to genuine urine. If the synthetic urine has a very strange, bad, or distinct scent from when it was fresh, this might be an indication that it’s past its expiration date.

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Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
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Testing the pH Level

The normal pH range of human urine is about 4.5 to 8. When you check an expired synthetic urine with special strips for pH or a digital gadget. These pH tests show the unusual level of acidity or alkalinities that may happen only if the product is contaminated or expired.

The Package Integrity

Urine, when exposed to environmental elements that cause quicker deterioration, can be affected if the packaging is damaged or not fully sealed. Confirm that the container is sound, and look for any indications of interference or spills.

Visual Check

Observe the product for any visible particles in the liquid. Such changes prove a chemical change or the product’s contamination.

How to Detect the Expired Synthetic Pee

What Are the Risks of Using the Expired Synthetic Urine?

The use of expired synthetic urine can cause significant consequences:

  • Incorrect Test Results: The composition of synthetic urine changed due to chemical degradation can result in test failures or the identification of the counterfeited sample; however, using a Powdered Urine Kit can accurately simulate urine to avoid such issues.
  • Legal and Ethical Worries: If you use an outdated product, it might result in allegations of fraud or meddling that could bring severe legal consequences or unemployment;
  • Microbial Growth: The expired synthetic urine may trigger the growth of microbes, raising chances for infection or contamination.
  • Chemical Instability: The breaking down of chemicals in fake pee can produce dangerous results as time passes;
  • Toxicity: The possible toxins from the breakdown of synthetic urine parts can be dangerous if they touch your skin accidentally or you breathe them in.  The study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information proves how the pH level of synthetic urine can negatively affect the human skin;

That is why you should store the synthetic urine in a safe place and use it within the given shelf life. Check the expiration date and batch number, and follow the correct storage conditions. These are the crucial steps to provide the integrity and safety of artificial pee.

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last Once Heated and Re-Heated Multiple Times?

The main reason for heating the fake urine product is to make it reach the temperature of real human urine. The temperature range varies from 32°C to 36°C (90°F – 96°F). Synthetic urine must get warmed up within this specific temperature range to be passable as a drug test sample. After heating, the fake pee lasts about 4-8 hours, making it suitable for a drug test.

The most popular methods for heating fake pee kits are microwave ovens, heating pads, and natural body heat. Each method comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Heating in a microwave is the quickest way to make the urine reach the correct temperature. However, there is a danger that in the microwave oven, the synthetic urine might get too hot or won’t heat evenly. A heating pad may work slower, but it gives better control in making sure the sample reaches the required temperature range.

When using a Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit, it’s crucial to ensure the synthetic urine is heated within the correct temperature range. Failure to do so could affect the chemical composition, potentially altering pH and specific gravity, highlighting the importance of temperature monitoring with included strips.

How Many Times Can You Reheat the Synthetic Urine?

Most manufacturers do not recommend reheating the synthetic urine after the first heating. Every time you reheat it, there is a chance that the chemical makeup of the urine changes completely. This risk increases if the temperature control isn’t precise during each re-heating cycle.

The fake pee’s chemical markers may also go out of the normal range. For example, the levels of creatinine and specific gravity might alter drastically.

Typically, it is better not to reheat synthetic urine more than once or twice. More reheating sessions can make the urine less reliable as an effective pee sample for testing.

Does Fake Pee Expire Longer Under Certain Circumstances?

Synthetic urine’s life and power can last long if we use it correctly, but this also depends on how well you store and take care of it. Does urine expire longer in a fake pee kit if you follow certain rules? Yes, and this is how you can achieve this result:

  • Storage Temperature: To keep the synthetic urine fresh, the most important thing is to maintain a stable and cool temperature during storage. Keep it away from hot places, direct sunlight, or areas with drastic temperature fluctuations. The best storage temperature to keep synthetic urine is between 32°F and 80°F (0°C and 27°C);
  • Airtight Containers: When synthetic urine is exposed to air, it can become less effective because of the things in the air and reactions with chemicals. Keep the urine in containers that don’t let any air in to reduce its contact with oxygen. If you are using synthetic urine regularly, divide it into smaller amounts. Put each portion in a single-use vial and close it tightly until you need it;
  • Dark and Opaque Packaging: Sunlight, particularly UV light, can change the composition of synthetic urine. Keep the fake pee in dark and non-transparent containers to stop any light from getting inside and ruining the product’s quality. If the fake pee arrives in a transparent package, move it into a dark, lightproof container or keep it in a cupboard without any light;
  • Moisture Management: Humidity can bring in extra moisture to synthetic urine, encouraging the growth of bacteria and altered chemicals. Keep it stored in a dry place and use substances like silica gel packs as desiccants to soak up any extra dampness around the package with synthetic urine;
  • Regular Checkups: Check the synthetic urine and its container from time to time for any indications of harm, like leaks or splits. Examine it for signs of pollution or odd changes in appearance/smell. Keeping an eye on the expiration date is crucial to avoid the use of degraded products;

To prevent the contamination of the synthetic urine before the expiration date, follow these recommendations and do regular checkups of the package’s integrity and storage conditions. After opening, it is best to use synthetic urine as soon as possible to limit any contact with the air, sunlight, and outside negative factors. Once you open the fake pee kit, it’s better to keep it in a tightly closed container at a cool and dry location. It’s also good to use the urine within a couple of days to avoid the degradation of the product.

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Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
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The Synthetic Urine Expiration – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quick Fix Plus Go Bad?

This product typically lasts up to 2 years without heating or cooling. It’s important to use Quick Fix Plus within this shelf life, otherwise, the product may spoil the drug test results.

How Long Does Upass Last After Opening?

Some users claim that this product may last up to a few months after opening. However, the manufacturer recommends opening and using the kit within a few hours (up to 24 hours) before the test to get the best possible outcome.

How Long Is Synthetic Urine Good for Once Opened?

After synthetic urine is exposed to air, its stability decreases. Usually, if you store it correctly, the fake pee product can last for 24 to 48 hours in total.

Can You Re-Use Synthetic Urine?

While synthetic urine kits like the Powdered Urine Kit offer convenience, it’s advisable to avoid reuse due to potential contamination and altered chemical properties, impacting its resemblance to authentic human urine.

Can You Freeze or Refrigerate Synthetic Urine?

Yes, keeping synthetic urine in the freezer or refrigerator can help to preserve it for a longer time. But, it’s important to use an airtight container to prevent contamination. Deep freezing is better than just a refrigerator because it stops bacteria from growing.


The artificial urine made to imitate human urine’s chemical characteristics has a limited expiration period. This depends on different factors, such as its chemical formula, the storage conditions, and the exposure to sunlight and air. That’s why it is better to use commercial synthetic pee products 24-48 hours after opening and within a few hours after heating.