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Service Opportunities & Group Information

Group Donations Information PDF
Feel free to print and use this handy flyer which contains the various mailing addresses for your group donations.
Local Service: District 31 & Osceola Intergroup
Getting involved in A.A. Service work begins with you! Like most of us, already involved, you and your Group will find this information helpful on your journey in discovering the rewarding joysof A.A. Service Work. Thank youfor making the time tocontribute to our community.
Locally, we have Service opportunities in, both, District 31 & Osceola Intergroup. Here is a brief overview.District 31 Service: Each member has a voice and can affect changes in A.A., as a whole, through their Home Group.
Every Home Group has the opportunity to send a representative to Area & District, which is their direct link to the General Service Structure of A.A.
Service In District 31
District 31 Business Meeting : In Boardroom at St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, 2906 17th Street, St Cloud, FL.
3rd Thursday of each month @ 6.00 pm

District 31 Mailing address: District 31, P.O. Box 700152, St. Cloud, FL. 34770  

Osceola Intergroup Service: Our local Intergroup is responsive to the local Groups; maintaining the local website, running the bookstore, manning 24Hr Hotline and providing an annual Gratitude Dinner event.

We are also responsible for the coordinating and planning of The Founders’ Day Picnic.

Hotline Information: How you can help.

A.A. BOOKSTORE – Intergroup Office, Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 11am – 3pm, or by appointment call 407 361-5356

The Kissimmee Bookstore currently needs volunteers!
The bookstore is currently open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11:00am – 3:00pm

The requirements are as follows:
A smile on your face and a minimum of ONE YEAR of sobriety.

For more information call:

Mark W.: 407.361.5356
Alverna D.; 407.520.7896

Intergroup Delegates Meeting – Intergroup Office, 201 West Cypress Street, Kissimmee, Florida 34741
2nd Thursday of each month @ 6:00 pm 

Public Information Pamphlet PDF

Please take a few minutes to look through the page, as well as, the various fliers and pamphlets. All materials are available to open and print. If you have any questions please use the material to contact the
current District 31 DCM or Osceola Intergroup Chair.

Thank you again for your assistance and consideration.